hi, i'm helen

I've been a graphic designer for about 20 years, mostly in the Events and Tourism industries. Design is still my "day job" - I've been so lucky to have a career doing what I love, even more so now with Tui Pots, I have the best of both worlds.

I started painting pots as a hobby years ago after never being able to find cool pots for my plants. I've always loved anything creative and have found that painting feeds my soul. It was during the first big Covid lockdown that I decided to turn my hobby into a business.

I wanted to create something that reflects what's important to me, with a focus on design and quality, being eco-friendly, and to use it as an opportunity to give back. (Right from the start I've made a donation to the SPCA for every pot sold. I love animals, and because I can't rescue every dog at the SPCA, I figured this was the next best way to help make a difference.)

I love bold design and vibrant colours, so each Tui Pot is designed and hand-painted in my home studio in Papamoa Beach, to reflect that style. I've also started offering hand-made pot accessories, like our bamboo hangers and pot stands, which are all made in-house by my husband Jason, who is a woodworking genius.

Because I'm a total tree-hugger, it's important to me to be as eco-friendly as possible. All Tui Pots are painted with eco-friendly, water-based paint that's locally produced. I also keep the packaging as green as possible, using recycled or recyclable packaging. I hope you enjoy browsing and love the pots as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

Photo credit: ILK Photography

upcoming events

I love getting out and connecting with our community & whānau, so we'll be at a bunch of events throughout the year. 

Come by to shop for pots, accessories and plants!... it'll be well worth it cause I always bring along a huge range of clay pots that aren’t available online.

The fab thing about all the events I attend, is there are always fantastically talented local vendors, awesome food trucks and chilled-vibes music! What more could you want for a great day out.

Come say hi at one of these events...

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Our opportunity to make a difference

giving back

Let's not forget our furry friends.

Tui Pots is committed to giving back. That's why from the very beginning a donation has been made to the SPCA for every pot sold.